Salford Synagogue

New Build Synagogue. Salford, Manchester:

This building proven a real challenge; requiring extensive design work, setting out, carving, and fitting works. Although may of the fitting techniques were common place for us, site restrictions preventing the use of most mechanical lifting systems. The result was that over 80 tonnes of stone required lifting by hand around the site and into place. In-keeping with many Synagogue traditions, the stone used was a limestone product, with the architectural style set to match a similar building in Ukraine. 

The main elements to the building included; a triple tiered moulded cornice (show clearly in the background photo to this current page) that crowns the sides of the building and towers, 4 large stone columns running up the front of the building, numerous arched windows (both circular and multi-storey), several banding/stringer courses, and finally an 'ashlar' base to the building around its entire circumference. 

Arial View of Building
Arial View 2
Arial View 3
Main Arch
Main Arch
Front of Building Mid Works
Side Elevation
Crate of Dado Stringer Stones
Type 3 Limestone Cornice Stones
Fixing Works
Large Stone Columns
3 Tiered Tower Cornice
Fixing Works
Tower Cornice Fixings
Oversized Arch Stones to be Carved
Carved Arched Tower Corners
Circular Limestone Window
Tower Cornice Work
Tower Cornice Works
Type 3 Limestone Banding Course
Type 3 Banding Course
Fixing of Type 3 Banding
Fixing of Large Capitals
Fitting of Large Capitals
Large Limestone Capitals
Architectural Limestone Elements
Circular Limestone Window Surround
Side Elevation
Fitting the Circular Windows
Fitting the Window Arches
Fitting the Window Arches
Fitting the Window Jambs
Side Elevation
Fixing the Window Jambs
Side Elevation
Return of the Tired Stonework
Setting out the arched elements
Fixing the Type 5 Columns
Stone Fixings
Manual Handing