London Private House

Private House London:

The main section of works involved supplying and fitting two beautiful spiral limestone staircases. These staircases are an incredible development in the world of stone. Truly revolutionising the meaning of stone, these staircases used a clever system of post-tensioned steel wires to create the illusion of a "floating." Each section of stone was highly engineered to precisely fit together. Once supported in place steel wire is run through each stone matching the curve of the staircase and tensioned. This post-tensioned technology allows for incredibly delicate stonework to be support heavy loads over much longer spans than previously possible. We were also responsible for supplying and fitting large sheets of limestone flooring around much of the ground floor, including the addition of several matching steps. For one of the upstairs bathroom we supplied two limestone sinks, and a large limestone bath; all hand carved.

Spiral Limestone Staircases
Spiral Staircases
Spiral Staircase & Flooring
Limestone Circular Steps
Limestone Steps
Part Build Steps
Underside of Spiral Staircase
Steel Fixing System
Limestone Bath
Limestone Sinks