St Peter's Church Restoration

St Peter's Church (Cound). Grade I Listed; circa 13th century:

Restoration is a key area within our company. Churches provide an ongoing scope of works; in particular the restoration of decorative windows. We have worked on this church on two separate occasions. The first to replace the damaged tracery and mullions on its west tower window. The second job involved replacing a moulded section of the entrance jambs; damaged from the infestation of masonry bees. This is a common feature on old buildings due to the use of relatively soft sandstone products across the country. Although unusual in looks, the restoration of this entrance with new stone followed standard practice. This practice involves replacing old stone with the original moulding, rather than matching the current level of erosion and weathering present in the surround stone. Therefore it is common for restorations to 'stand out' from the old building, often appearing unusual. By following this practice, it allows for further restoration of the surrounding stone in the future without losing the original moulding design.

Cound Church Tower
Cound Church
Decorative Window Tracery & Mullion
Window Restoration
Window Tracery
Window Tracery Carving
Entrance Restoration
Damaged Section During Restoration
Masonry Bee Damage