Petwood Hotel

Petwood Hotel:

This historic site was used as the officers mess for the famous 617 Dambusters Squadron. Built in 1942 RAF Woodhall Spa was to become the base of operations for these World War II pilots. At the time Petwood Hotel was already being used as a base for the 97 and 619 squadrons, but due to its proximity to the new Woodhall Spa Airfield, Petwood was requisitioned for the famous 617 squadron instead. The hotel gardens provide an attractive memorial to the men who gave their lives to this brave endeavour. Within the hotel grounds itt is possible to view a section of the only remaining prototype 'bouncing' bomb left in the world.

Our works involved repairing and installing new Jacobean Balustrades along the rear terrace. Where possible the old balustrades were used to maintain conservation criteria. A new self-faced Yorkstone walkway was provided for the base of the balustrades, whilst the old paving was reclaimed for the main walkway. At the base of the gardens, and attractive temple was manufactured and installed, capped with an intricate steel dome. Finally we manufactured and installed four large columns at the entrance to the hotel. The predominate owner of Petwood Hotel was a lady named Baroness Grace Weigall. Upon moving down south after the war, she amazingly dismantled and relocated the original temple and hundred of meters of Jacobean Walkway; all by train. Our works aimed to re-install the original style and components of the Garden before her move. 

Future Works include the installation of a pergola around the temple to match historic records. Funding dependent, the re-construction of the vast Jacobean walkway running the width of the gardens is also planned.

Petwood Hotel
Sandstone Circular Paving
Installation of Temple
Bespoke Stone Temple
Fixing the Steel Dome to the Temple
Jacobean Balustrade Walkway
Jacobean Walkway Installation
Entrance Columns
Entrance to the Hotel
Petwood Hotel Entrance
Part Built Balustrade
Balustrade and Yorkstone Paving
Jacobean Stone Balustrade & Urns
Reclaimed Paving Circle
Old Photo of Petwood Hotel
Reclaimed Paving Walkway
Installation of Large Bespoke Temple
Entrance Columns, Finials & Balls
Part Built Bespoke Temple
Jacobean Walkway
Self-faced Yorkstone Paving