Manchester Synagogue

This project was especially interesting due to the various religious relationships and connotations of each separate structure. The material used had to accurately reflect the purpose and significance of each area. Therefore several Jerusalem limestones were used in a variety of textures. A white limestone was chosen for much of the Bimah and Aron Kodesh, with gold limestone used as a trim. Two "floating" tablets were hung off the Bimah using specialist steel brackets. These tablets were manufactured in the golden limestone and depicted the Ten Commandments. To match the darker oak panelling and doors, British Yorkstone (golden sandstone) was used for the two main windows. 

The variety of carving techniques and finishes in this project provided an enjoyable opportunity to showcase several masonry skills. The Aron was manufactured with a scutch face texture and thin draft line border. The stone sections for this Aron were built around a massive steel frame for support.  A smooth finish was used for the Bimah. Solid blocks of limestone were hand carved on site into curves at two of the corners. Likewise thinner limestone sheets were hand carved on site to produce the steps and paving for both the Bimah and Aron.

Along with the windows, Yorkstone was used as Ashlar walling around the base of the outside of the building. Structural supporting columns on the exterior were also clad in this ashlar to give the illusion of solid structural stone.

Limestone Aron & Tablets
Sandstone Windows
Limestone Bimah
Limestone Aron Section
Hand Shaped Limestone Paving & Steps
Synagogue Ceiling
Yorkstone Windows
Aron and windows
Ten Commandment Tablets